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Wonder Meaning in Bengali: আশ্চর্য, বিস্ময়, বিস্ময়করতা, বিস্ময়কর প্রাণী, বিস্ময়কর বস্তু, বিস্ময়কর ঘটনা, বিস্ময়কর ব্যক্তি, অলৌকিক ব্যাপার
Wonder Meaning in Hindi: आश्चर्य, अचंभा, अद्भुत वस्तु
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Wonder Definition

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

To think or speculate curiously: to wonder about the origin of the solar system.to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (often followed by at): He wondered at her composure in such a crisis.

Definition: 2

Something strange and surprising; a cause of surprise, astonishment, or admiration: That building is a wonder. It is a wonder he declined such an offer.the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest, sometimes tinged with admiration: He felt wonder at seeing the Grand Canyon.

Definition: 3

Its no wonder advertisers are looking for more answers and clearer communication.Googles search terms move will make millions in ad spend invisible to advertisers|Ginny Marvin|September 3, 2020|Search Engine LandLittle wonder then why those advertisers are debating whether their agencies are up to the task.Its more transformational: For the third time in five years, advertisers will launch a mediapalooza of account reviews|Seb Joseph|September 2, 2020|DigidaySometimes, changing responsibilities, allowing for more flexibility, and decreasing your employees workloads can work wonders.How managers can recognize burnout remotely|Kristine Gill|August 28, 2020|FortuneThe modern business world, Socrates would say, doesnt make space for wonder.The business advice Socrates would give if he wrote a management book today|jakemeth|August 25, 2020|Fortune

Definition: 4

The feeling excited by something strange; a mixture of surprise, curiosity, and sometimes awesomething that causes such a feeling, such as a miracleSee Seven Wonders of the World(modifier) exciting wonder by virtue of spectacular results achieved, feats performed, etca wonder drug; a wonder horse

Definition: 5

In addition to the idiom beginning with wonderwonders will never cease