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Wise Meaning in Bengali: বিজ্ঞ, জ্ঞানী, জ্ঞানময়, প্রাজ্ঞ, সুবিচারপূর্ণ, বিজ্ঞতাপূর্ণ, পণ্ডিত, জ্ঞানগর্ভ, জ্ঞানসম্পন্ন, জ্ঞানবান্, প্রবীণ, বিশারদ, বিজ্ঞতাপ্রসূত, বুদ্ধ, মতিমান্, চিন্তাশীল, ন্যায়বিচারপূর্ণ, আক্কেলমন্ত, সুদক্ষ, ধার্মিক, সাধু, কোবিদ
Wise Meaning in Hindi: बुद्धिमान
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Wise Definition

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

Having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion.characterized by or showing such power; judicious or prudent: a wise decision.possessed of or characterized by scholarly knowledge or learning; learned; erudite: wise in the law.having knowledge or information as to facts, circumstances, etc.: We are wiser for their explanations.

Definition: 2

Be / get wise to, Slang. to be or become cognizant of or no longer deceived by; catch on: to get wise to a fraud.get wise, Slang. to become informed. to be or become presumptuous or impertinent: Don't get wise with me, young man!

Definition: 3

Id just officially come out as nonbinary and was finding out what that meant and what it would look like career wise.Non-binary actor wins Helen Hayes Award|Patrick Folliard|September 24, 2020|Washington BladeThough I do want to see whats going on with Bam Adebayo health-wise.The Miami Heat Built This Lead With A Zone And More Experience (And Tyler Herro)|Chris Herring ([email protected])|September 24, 2020|FiveThirtyEightPercentage wise that represents a small fraction of the district somewhere around 3 percent.La Jolla Parents Are Opting Out of San Diego Unified|Will Huntsberry|September 21, 2020|Voice of San DiegoHurricane Laura is on its way to the Gulf Coast of the United States, and homeowners in the area would be wise to wonder just how at risk they are of flooding.This online tool can tell you if your home is likely to flood this hurricane season|Andrew Nusca|August 26, 2020|Fortune

Definition: 4

Possessing, showing, or prompted by wisdom or discernmentprudent; sensibleshrewd; craftya wise planwell-informed; eruditeaware, informed, or knowing (esp in the phrase none the wiser)

Definition: 5

In addition to the idioms beginning with wisewise guywise up to