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Wily Meaning in Bengali: কূটবুদ্ধি, ছলনাময়, অনৃজু, কৌশলপূর্ণ
Wily Meaning in Hindi: धूर्त, कपटी, मक्कार
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Wily Definition

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Viruses are wily, seeking out and infecting vulnerable hosts at all costs.Pediatric COVID-19 Cases Are Surging, Pushing Hospitalsand Health Care Workersto Their Breaking Points|Jamie Ducharme/New Orleans, La.|August 26, 2021|TimeScientists viewed even this modest degree of protection against such a wily virus as an important milestone.Should we be mixing COVID-19 vaccines for better immunity?|Kate Baggaley|August 20, 2021|Popular-ScienceThe neutrons lack of electric charge made it a particularly wily target.How matters hidden complexity unleashed the power of nuclear physics|Emily Conover|April 8, 2021|Science NewsEveryone loves the idea of Bugs Bunny always being the wily underdog who can do whatever he wants and can win.Baseball Bugs at 75: How a Looney Tunes classic left its mark on Americas pastime|Frederic J. Frommer|February 25, 2021|Washington Post