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Whim Meaning in Bengali: বাতিক, আকস্মিক ধারণা, আকস্মিক খেয়াল, কোশখেয়াল, খোশখেয়াল, ঝোঁক
Whim Meaning in Hindi: तरंग, लहर, झक, भावना
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Whim Definition

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She hadnt planned to study crested rat home life, but one why-not whim changed that.Rats with poisonous hairdos live surprisingly sociable private lives|Susan Milius|January 12, 2021|Science NewsYou chose a trail little bigger than a deer path, followed its whims, thinking and thinking about what seemed important then, the boyfriend.Dark spaces on the map|Katie McLean|December 18, 2020|MIT Technology ReviewFinally, organizations such as the Cloud Security Alliance and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation can help find ways for the private sector to use cloud computing globally without being stymied by the whims of digital sovereignty.The balkanization of the cloud is bad for everyone|Amy Nordrum|December 17, 2020|MIT Technology ReviewShes talked about using government to create an economy that relies less on the whims of tourism.Welcome to a Dem-Controlled County|Jesse Marx and Maya Srikrishnan|November 4, 2020|Voice of San Diego