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Visits Meaning in Bengali: দেখিতে যাত্তয়া
Visits Meaning in Hindi: भेंट, मुलाक़ात, दर्शन, मुआयना, मुआइना, उपस्थिति, जांच, परिक्षा
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Visits:
Antonym of Visits:

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Visits Definition

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Definition: 1

to go to and stay with (a person or family) or at (a place) for a short time for reasons of sociability, politeness, business, curiosity, etc.: to visit a friend; to visit clients; to visit Paris.

Definition: 2

to stay with as a guest.

Definition: 3

to come or go to: to visit a church for prayer.

Definition: 4

to go to for the purpose of official inspection or examination: a general visiting his troops.

Definition: 5

to come to in order to comfort or aid: to visit the sick.