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Vindicate Meaning in Bengali. Vindicate Definition and Example. "English to Bangla Vindicate". Google Translate Vindicate. Menaing in Hindi.
Vindicate Meaning in Bengali: সাবুদ করা, খাড়া করা, সত্যতা প্রতিপাদন করা, যথার্থতা প্রতিপাদন করা, প্রতিষ্ঠিত করা, দাবি করা, বজায় রাখা, খণ্ডিত করা
Vindicate Meaning in Hindi: साबित करना, साबित कर देना
Word Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया
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Vindicate Definition

Find the Vindicate Meaning in Bengali. See the defination of "Vindicate". Get the "Vindicate meaning in Bengali". Also, defination and example at English to Bangla online dictionary.

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

To clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like: to vindicate someone's afford justification for; justify: Subsequent events vindicated his uphold or justify by argument or evidence: to vindicate a assert, maintain, or defend (a right, cause, etc.) against claim for oneself or another.Roman and Civil Law. to regain possession, under claim of title of property through legal procedure, or to assert one's right to possession.

Definition: 2

Vindicator, nounrevindicate, verb (used with object), revindicated, revindicating.self-vindicated, adjectiveself-vindicating, adjective

Definition: 3

Barrios said Monday that his opponent, San Diego Community College Trustee Sean Elo-Rivera, was behind the allegations of financial impropriety, but erroneously claimed that he had already been vindicated by four different organizations.GmezPausing Barrios Support Amid Criminal Investigation|Andrew Keatts|August 26, 2020|Voice of San DiegoLate Monday, Barrios issued a press release defending himself, in which he made four specific claims about the various entities that had already vindicated him of the charges.Morning Report: Nursing Home Oversight Falters|Voice of San Diego|August 26, 2020|Voice of San DiegoAfter the Union-Tribune reported he was under criminal investigation, Kelvin Barrios, a candidate in the District 9 City Council race, issued a press release announcing four ways in which he had been vindicated.Barrios Makes Dubious Claims on Investigations Into His Spending|Jesse Marx|August 25, 2020|Voice of San DiegoLets go after the bad guys, even those who committed these violations two or three years ago, beyond the previous statute of limitations, and make sure that the consumer interest is vindicated here.Can You Hear Me Now? (Ep. 406)|Stephen J. Dubner|February 20, 2020|Freakonomics

Definition: 4

To clear from guilt, accusation, blame, etc, as by evidence or argumentto provide justification forhis promotion vindicated his unconventional attitudeto uphold, maintain, or defend (a cause, etc)to vindicate a claimRoman law to bring an action to regain possession of (property) under claim of legal titlerare to claim, as for oneself or anotherobsolete to take revenge on or for; punish