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Vile Meaning in Bengali: নীচ, জঘন্য, দুশ্চরিত্র, অধম, দূষিত, ইতর, বাজে, পাজী, আসুরিক, জাল্ম, অতিমন্দ
Vile Meaning in Hindi: नीच, घिनौना, नीचतापूर्ण, पाजी
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
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Vile Definition

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

Wretchedly bad: a vile humor.highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable: vile slander.repulsive or disgusting, as to the senses or feelings: a vile odor.morally debased, depraved, or despicable: vile deeds.foul; filthy: vile language.poor; wretched: vile workmanship.

Definition: 2

He tried to explain to me the causes of many actions, justifying the vile and ruthless behavior of some.Locked up in the Land of Liberty: Part II|Michael K. Lavers|July 14, 2021|Washington BladeIt would not show the swirl of red-carpet events for The Last Jedi she posted on social media, or the vile online abuse that followed.Kelly Marie Trans journey to becoming a fighting Disney princess: It feels like an absolute miracle|Michael Cavna|March 5, 2021|Washington PostSpitting blood is a vile, dangerous assault that Kevin was exposed to twice before dropping his body weight down on Arnaldo Pesoa to stop the threat, Leigh said at trial.Judge clears Montgomery officer of assault conviction for slamming knee into handcuffed suspect|Dan Morse|March 3, 2021|Washington PostOne where each and every day, she could face hateful, vile attacksverbal and physicalfor simply existing.Why the Equality Act Matters For Our FamilyAnd For Many Others Across America|Marie Newman and Evie Newman|March 3, 2021|Time