Troops Meaning in Bengali

English: Troops
Troops Meaning in Bengali: সৈন্যবাহিনীসমূহ, অনীক, জনতা
"Troops" Meaning in Hindi: सेना, फ़ौज, सैन्य दल
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Troops:
Antonym of Troops:

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Definition: 1

an assemblage of persons or things; company; band.

Definition: 2

a great number or multitude: A whole troop of children swarmed through the museum.

Definition: 3

Military. an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group.

Definition: 4

troops, a body of soldiers, police, etc.: Mounted troops quelled the riot.

Definition: 5

a single soldier, police officer, etc.: Three troops were killed today by a roadside bomb.