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English: Tease
Tease Meaning in Bengali: আঁচড়ান, জ্বালাতন করা, আঁশ বাহির করা, পিঁজা, উস্তংখুস্তং করা, উত্ত্যক্ত করা, খেপান, ফেঁসো তোলা, ফেঁসো ছাড়ান, তন্তু বাহির করা, পাছু লাগা
"Tease" Meaning in Hindi: चिढ़ाना, छेड़ना, धुनना, चिढ़ निकालना, कष्ट देना, रंजीदा करना, तंग करना
Word Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया
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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to irritate or provoke with persistent petty distractions, trifling raillery, or other annoyance, often in sport.

Definition: 2

to pull apart or separate the adhering fibers of (wool or the like), as in combing or carding; comb or card, as wool; shred.

Definition: 3

to ruffle (the hair) by holding it at the ends and combing toward the scalp so as to give body to a hairdo.

Definition: 4

to raise a nap on (cloth) with teasels; teasel.

Definition: 5

Also, teaser. Television Slang. a short scene or highlight shown at the beginning of a film or television show to attract the audience's attention.