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Strong Meaning in Bengali. Strong Meaning & Definition. English to Bangla of "Strong". Translate Strong Menaing in Hindi.
Strong Meaning in Bengali: শক্তিশালী, দৃঢ়, শক্ত, প্রবল, বলিষ্ঠ, শক্তিধর, মজবুত, বলবান, অটল, জোরদার, দৃঢ়নিষ্ঠ, অক্ষীণ, জোর, অংসল, পরাক্রমশালী, ক্ষমতাশালী, ক্ষমতাবান্, ক্ষম, প্রচণ্ড, জোরাল, তেজ:পূর্ণ, তেজী, জবর, শক্তিমান্, স্পষ্ট, সুপণ্ডিত, সুদক্ষ, প্রতিরোধী, চড়া, কায়েমী, সুস্থ, দুর্গন্ধ, গরম, কড়ুয়া, অত্যুগ্র, রুঢ়, প্রগাঢ়, পোক্ত, কড়া, ভাল
Strong Meaning in Hindi: शक्तिशाली, मज़बूत, दृढ़, ज़ोरदार, ज़ोर का, बलवान, सबल, शक्तिमान, तगड़ा, पक्का, प्रगाढ़, गाढ़ा, गाढ़, हष्ट-पुष्ट, गहन, सामथर्यवान
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym of Strong:
Antonym of Strong:

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Strong Meaning & Definition

Find the Strong Meaning in Bengali, See the defination of this word "Strong". You may understand "Strong meaning in Bengali" from defination at English to Bangla online dictionary.

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

having, showing, or able to exert great bodily or muscular power; physically vigorous or robust: a strong boy.

Definition: 2

accompanied or delivered by great physical, mechanical, etc., power or force: a strong handshake; With one strong blow the machine stamped out a fender.

Definition: 3

mentally powerful or vigorous: He may be old, but his mind is still strong.

Definition: 4

especially able, competent, or powerful in a specific field or respect: She's very strong in mathematics. He's weak at bat, but he's a strong fielder.

Definition: 5

of great moral power, firmness, or courage: strong under temptation.