Soiled Meaning in Bengali

English: Soiled
Soiled Meaning in Bengali: ময়লা, কলুষিত, মৃত্তিকাযুক্ত, মৃত্তিকালিপ্ত, কালা
"Soiled" Meaning in Hindi: मिट्टी का, मिट्टी वाला
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Soiled:
Antonym of Soiled:

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Definition: 1

to make unclean, dirty, or filthy, especially on the surface: to soil one's clothes.

Definition: 2

to smirch, smudge, or stain: The ink soiled his hands.

Definition: 3

to sully or tarnish, as with disgrace; defile morally: to soil one's good name.

Definition: 4

to become soiled: White soils easily.

Definition: 5

the act or fact of soiling.