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Sluggish Meaning in Bengali. Sluggish Definition and Example. "English to Bangla Sluggish". Google Translate Sluggish. Menaing in Hindi.
Sluggish Meaning in Bengali: কুঁড়ে, মন্দ, মন্থর, আলস্যপরায়ণ, ঢিমা, চিরকর্মা, চিরকারী, অনুষ্ণ
Sluggish Meaning in Hindi: सुस्त, आलसी, निष्क्रिय, मंदगति, मंथर
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
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Sluggish Definition

Find the Sluggish Meaning in Bengali. See the defination of "Sluggish". Get the "Sluggish meaning in Bengali". Also, defination and example at English to Bangla online dictionary.

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

indisposed to action or exertion; lacking in energy; lazy; indolent: a sluggish disposition.

Definition: 2

not acting or working with full vigor, as bodily organs: a sluggish liver.

Definition: 3

slow to act or respond: a sluggish car engine.

Definition: 4

moving slowly, or having little motion, as a stream.

Definition: 5

slow, as motion.