Skylight Meaning in Bengali

English: Skylight
Skylight Meaning in Bengali: আকাশের আলো
"Skylight" Meaning in Hindi: रोशनदान, झरोखा, कमरे में छत के पास की खिड़की
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Skylight:
Antonym of Skylight:

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Definition: 1

an opening in a roof or ceiling, fitted with glass, for admitting daylight.

Definition: 2

the frame set with glass fitted to such an opening.

Definition: 3

Meteorology. the diffuse light from the sky, scattered by air molecules, as distinguished from the direct radiation from the sun.

Definition: 4

a window placed in a roof or ceiling to admit daylight Also called fanlight