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Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Definition: 1

a plank, bar, log, or the like, especially one of a pair, on which something heavy may be slid or rolled along.

Definition: 2

one of a number of such logs or timbers forming a skidway.

Definition: 3

a low mobile platform on which goods are placed for ease in handling, moving, etc. Compare stillage.

Definition: 4

a plank, log, low platform, etc., on or by which a load is supported.

Definition: 5

Nautical. any of a number of parallel beams or timbers fixed in place as a raised support for boats, spars, etc. any of a number of timbers on which a heavy object is placed to be shoved along on rollers or slid. an arrangement of planks serving as a runway for cargo. an arrangement of planks serving as a fender to protect the side of a vessel during transfer of cargo. sidewise motion of a vessel; leeway.