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English: Shabbiness
Shabbiness Meaning in Bengali:
"Shabbiness" Meaning in Hindi: नीचता, तुच्छता, क्षुद्रता, घृणास्पदता
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Antonym of Shabbiness:

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Definition: 1

impaired by wear, use, etc.; worn: shabby clothes.

Definition: 2

showing conspicuous signs of wear or neglect: The rooms on the upper floors of the mansion had a rather shabby appearance, as if they had not been much in use of late.

Definition: 3

wearing worn clothes or having a slovenly or unkempt appearance: a shabby person.

Definition: 4

run-down, seedy, or dilapidated: a shabby hotel.

Definition: 5

meanly ungenerous or unfair; contemptible, as persons, actions, etc.: shabby behavior.