Rub off Meaning in Bengali

English: Rub off
Rub off Meaning in Bengali: ঘষিয়া তুলিয়া ফেলা
"Rub off" Meaning in Hindi:
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Rub off:
Antonym of Rub off:

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Find the Rub off Meaning in Bengali, See the defination of this word "Rub off". You may understand "Rub off meaning in Bengali" from defination at English to Bangla online dictionary.

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Definition: 1

to subject the surface of (a thing or person) to pressure and friction, as in cleaning, smoothing, polishing, coating, massaging, or soothing: to rub a table top with wax polish; to rub the entire back area.

Definition: 2

to move (something) back and forth or with a rotary motion, as against or along another surface: to rub the cloth over the glass pane.

Definition: 3

to spread or apply (something) with pressure and friction over something else or a person: to rub lotion on her chapped hands.

Definition: 4

to move (two things) with pressure and friction over or back and forth over each other (often followed by together): He rubbed his hands together.

Definition: 5

to mark, polish, force, move, etc. (something) by pressure and friction (often followed by over, in, or into).