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English: Port
Port Meaning in Bengali: বন্দর, চলাফেরার ভঙ্গি, পোতাশ্রয়, আশ্রয়, আশ্রয়স্থান, বন্দরনগরী, দ্বার, প্রবেশপথ, নগরদ্বার, চালচলন, ঠাটঠমক, জীবনযাত্রার ধরন, জীবনযাত্রা-প্রণালী, পট্টন, পত্তন, জীবনযাত্রার প্রণালী, আচরণ
"Port" Meaning in Hindi: पोर्ट, बन्दरगाह, पान
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Port:
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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a city, town, or other place where ships load or unload.

Definition: 2

a place along a coast in which ships may take refuge from storms; harbor.

Definition: 3

Also called port of entry. Law. any place where persons and merchandise are allowed to pass, by water or land, into and out of a country and where customs officers are stationed to inspect or appraise imported goods.

Definition: 4

a geographical area that forms a harbor: the largest port on the eastern seaboard.

Definition: 5

Informal. an airport.