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Planes Meaning in Bengali: তল, রেঁদা, মসৃণ করার অস্ত্র, মসৃণ করার যন্ত্র, সমতল ভূমি, সমতল ক্ষেত্র, সমতল স্থান, সংস্কৃতি, উন্নতি, অস্তিত্বের স্তর, তক্ষণ, তক্ষণী, শাসি
Planes Meaning in Hindi: विमान, हवाई जहाज़, चपटापन, सतह, समधरातल, वायु-यान, वायु-यान का पंख, रंदा, कदली, चनार
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
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Planes Definition

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Definition: 1

a flat or level surface.

Definition: 2

Geometry. a surface generated by a straight line moving at a constant velocity with respect to a fixed point.

Definition: 3

Fine Arts. an area of a two-dimensional surface having determinate extension and spatial direction or position: oblique plane; horizontal plane.

Definition: 4

a level of dignity, character, existence, development, or the like: a high moral plane.

Definition: 5

Aeronautics. an airplane or a hydroplane: to take a plane to Dallas. a thin, flat or curved, extended section of an airplane or a hydroplane, affording a supporting surface.