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English: Plagal
Plagal Meaning in Bengali:
"Plagal" Meaning in Hindi: प्‍लैगल, (ईसाई रीति-गीतों में) उदात्त तथा सप्‍तक के बीच की मिश्र-ध्‍वनि
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Plagal:
Antonym of Plagal:

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Definition: 1

(of a Gregorian mode) having the final in the middle of the compass. Compare authentic (def 5a).

Definition: 2

(of a cadence) progressing from the subdominant to the tonic chord, as in the Amen of a hymn

Definition: 3

(of a mode) commencing upon the dominant of an authentic mode, but sharing the same final as the authentic mode. Plagal modes are designated by the prefix Hypo- before the name of their authentic counterparts: the Hypodorian mode