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English: Legitimate
Legitimate Meaning in Bengali: বৈধ, আইনসঙ্গত, আইনসম্মত, ন্যায়সঙ্গত, আইনসম্মতভাবে জাত, ঔরস, জাত্য, আইনানুগ, নিয়মসম্মত, ন্যায্য, উপযুক্ত, স্বাভাবিক, অকৃত্রিম, খাঁটি
"Legitimate" Meaning in Hindi: वैध, न्यायसंगत, कानूनी, तर्कसंगत, न्याय्य
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym of Legitimate:
Antonym of Legitimate:

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

according to law; lawful: the property's legitimate owner.

Definition: 2

in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards.

Definition: 3

born in wedlock or of legally married parents: legitimate children.

Definition: 4

in accordance with the laws of reasoning; logically inferable; logical: a legitimate conclusion.

Definition: 5

resting on or ruling by the principle of hereditary right: a legitimate sovereign.