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Entertainment Meaning in Bengali: আমোদ, প্রমোদ, রঙ্গ, আতিথ্যদান, ভোজ, চিত্তবিনোদন, আমোদপ্রমোদ, হৃদয়ে পোষণ, আমোদজনক বস্তু, আতিথেয়তা, গ্রহণ, আপ্যয়ন, খাত্তয়া-খাত্তয়ি, বিনোদন, বিনোদ, চিত্তরঁজন, ক্রীড়া, ক্রীড়
Entertainment Meaning in Hindi: मनोरंजन
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Entertainment: Amusement , Diversion , Fun , Pleasure , Cheer , Enjoyment , Merriment , Recreation , Delight , Frolic , Pastime , Sport
Antonym of Entertainment: Ennui , Fatigue , Labor , Lassitude , Toil , Weariness , Work

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Entertainment Definition

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Definition: 1

the act of entertaining; agreeable occupation for the mind; diversion; amusement: Solving the daily crossword puzzle is an entertainment for many.

Definition: 2

something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, especially a performance of some kind: The highlight of the ball was an elaborate entertainment.

Definition: 3

hospitable provision for the needs and wants of guests.

Definition: 4

a divertingly adventurous, comic, or picaresque novel.

Definition: 5

Obsolete. maintenance in service.