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Devoted Meaning in Bengali: অনুগত, উত্সর্গীকৃত, নৈষ্ঠিক, নিরত, একনিষ্ঠ, অনুরক্ত, অনুরাগী, উপাসক, ভক্ত, আসক্ত, রত, অনুরত, নিযুক্ত, ধর্মোপাসক
Devoted Meaning in Hindi: निष्ठावान, भक्त, वफ़ादार, अनुरागी, अनुरक्त, परायण, प्रेम देनेवाला, कोमल, नरम, भेंट किया हुआ, तत्पर, व्यसनी
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym of Devoted:
Antonym of Devoted:

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Devoted Definition

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Definition: 1

zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection: a devoted friend.

Definition: 2

to give up or appropriate to or concentrate on a particular pursuit, occupation, purpose, cause, etc.: to devote one's time to reading.

Definition: 3

to appropriate by or as if by a vow; set apart or dedicate by a solemn or formal act; consecrate: She devoted her life to God.

Definition: 4

to commit to evil or destruction; doom.

Definition: 5

feeling or demonstrating loyalty or devotion; ardent; devout