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Declares Meaning in Bengali: ঘোষণা করা, রঙ দেখান, ধরা
Declares Meaning in Hindi: एलान करना, घोषणा करना, एलान कर देना, घोषणा कर देना, विज्ञापन करना, पहचानना, मानना, स्पष्ट बता देना, प्रकट करना
Word Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया
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Declares Definition

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Definition: 1

to make known or state clearly, especially in explicit or formal terms: to declare one's position in a controversy.

Definition: 2

to announce officially; proclaim: to declare a state of emergency; to declare a winner.

Definition: 3

to state emphatically: He declared that the allegation was a lie.

Definition: 4

to manifest; reveal; show: Her attendance at the rally declared her political allegiance.

Definition: 5

to make due statement of, especially goods for duty or income for taxation.