Debasement Meaning in Bengali

Debasement Meaning in Bengali. Debasement Definition and Example. "English to Bangla Debasement". Google Translate Debasement. Menaing in Hindi.
Debasement Meaning in Bengali: অপকৃষ্টতা
Debasement Meaning in Hindi: अधोगति, मानमर्दन, नीच स्थिति, नीचा दिखाना, अपमानित करना, गर्व पर प्रहार करना
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Debasement:
Antonym of Debasement:

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Debasement Definition

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Definition: 1

to reduce in quality or value; adulterate: They debased the value of the dollar.

Definition: 2

to lower in rank, dignity, or significance: He wouldn't debase himself by doing manual labor.

Definition: 3

(transitive) to lower in quality, character, or value, as by adding cheaper metal to coins; adulterate