Confusedly Meaning in Bengali

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Confusedly Meaning in Bengali: বিহ্বলের মতো
Confusedly Meaning in Hindi: भ्रांतिपूर्वक, अस्तव्यस्त रूप से
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Confusedly Definition

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Definition: 1

to perplex or bewilder: The flood of questions confused me.

Definition: 2

to make unclear or indistinct: The rumors and angry charges tended to confuse the issue.

Definition: 3

to fail to distinguish between; associate by mistake; confound: to confuse dates; He always confuses the twins.

Definition: 4

to disconcert or abash: His candor confused her.

Definition: 5

to combine without order; jumble; disorder: Try not to confuse the papers on the desk.