Bluff Meaning in Bengali

English: Bluff
Bluff Meaning in Bengali: ধাপ্পাবাজি, প্রতারণা, প্রবঁচনা, বঁচনা, ধাপ্পা, ভাঁত্ততা, খাড়াই, শৈলশিরা, খাড়া পাড়, জুয়াচুরি, দম, ঘোড়ার চক্ষুর ঠুলি, ঘোড়ার চোখের ঠুলি
"Bluff" Meaning in Hindi: धोखा, दिखावा
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Bluff: Abrupt , Brusk , Impolite , Rough , Blunt , Coarse , Inconsiderate , Rude , Blustering , Discourteous , Open , Uncivil , Bold , Frank , Plain-spoken , Unmannerly
Antonym of Bluff: Bland , Genial , Polished , Polite , Refined , Reserved , Urbane , Courteous

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

good-naturedly direct, blunt, or frank; heartily outspoken: a big, bluff, generous man.

Definition: 2

presenting a bold and nearly perpendicular front, as a coastline: a bluff, precipitous headland.

Definition: 3

Nautical. (of the bow of a vessel) having a full, blunt form.

Definition: 4

a cliff, headland, or hill with a broad, steep face.

Definition: 5

North Dakota, Wisconsin, and the Canadian Prairie Provinces. a clump or grove of trees on a prairie or other generally treeless area.