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Blow Meaning in Bengali: গাট্টা, ঘা, আঘাত, ঘাত, ঘাতন, ঘাই, উদ্ঘাত, উপঘাত, অভিঘাত, করাঘাত, চোট, কিল, আহতি, ঘুসি, ঘুষি, ঘুসা, ঘুষা, চড়, চাপড়, আকস্মিক দুর্দশা, আকস্মিক দুর্ভাগ্য, দুর্বিপাক, বায়ুপ্রবাহ
Blow Meaning in Hindi: झटका, आघात, चोट, विघात, झोंक, टहोका, वार, घूंसा, चांटा, झोंकना
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Blow: Box , Concussion , Disaster , Misfortune , Stripe , Buffet , Cuff , Knock , Rap , Stroke , Calamity , Cut , Lash , Shock , Thump
Antonym of Blow:

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

a sudden, hard stroke with a hand, fist, or weapon: a blow to the head.

Definition: 2

a sudden shock, calamity, reversal, etc.: His wife's death was a terrible blow to him.

Definition: 3

a sudden attack or drastic action: The invaders struck a blow to the south.

Definition: 4

at one blow, with a single act: He became wealthy and famous at one blow. Also, at a blow.

Definition: 5

come to blows, to begin to fight, especially to engage in physical combat: They came to blows over the referee's ruling.