Becoming Meaning in Bengali

English: Becoming
Becoming Meaning in Bengali: মানানসই, সুন্দর, উচিত
"Becoming" Meaning in Hindi: शोभनीय
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym of Becoming: Befitting , Congruous , Fit , Meet , Seemly , Beseeming , Decent , Fitting , Neat , Suitable , Comely , Decorous , Graceful , Proper , Worthy
Antonym of Becoming: Awkward , Ill-fitting , Indecent , Unbecoming , Unseemly , Ill-becoming , Improper , Indecorous , Unfit , Unsuitable

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Definition: 1

that suits or gives a pleasing effect or attractive appearance, as to a person or thing: a becoming dress; a becoming hairdo.

Definition: 2

suitable; appropriate; proper: a becoming sentiment.

Definition: 3

any process of change.

Definition: 4

Aristotelianism. any change involving realization of potentialities, as a movement from the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.

Definition: 5

to come, change, or grow to be (as specified): He became tired.