Barrier Meaning in Bengali

English: Barrier
Barrier Meaning in Bengali: বাধা, অন্তরায়, প্রতিবন্ধক, বেড়, আত্মরক্ষামূলক বেড়া, আগল, রেলগেট
"Barrier" Meaning in Hindi: बैरियर, अवरोध, आड़, सीमागुल्म, स्र्कावट, प्रतिबंध, घेरा
Word Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा
Synonym of Barrier: Bar , Bulwark , Obstruction , Rampart , Barricade , Hindrance , Parapet , Restraint , Breastwork , Obstacle , Prohibition , Restriction
Antonym of Barrier: Admittance , Opening , Road , Transit , Entrance , Passage , Thoroughfare , Way

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Similar Words: barriersbarrier,fencing,enclosure,barricade,stockade,palisade,fenceline,railing

Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

anything built or serving to bar passage, as a railing, fence, or the like: People may pass through the barrier only when their train is announced.

Definition: 2

any natural bar or obstacle: a mountain barrier.

Definition: 3

anything that restrains or obstructs progress, access, etc.: a trade barrier.

Definition: 4

a limit or boundary of any kind: the barriers of caste.

Definition: 5

Physical Geography. an antarctic ice shelf or ice front.