Authentic Meaning in Bengali

English: Authentic
Authentic Meaning in Bengali: খাঁটি, প্রামাণিক, বিশুদ্ধ, প্রকৃত, আসল, সত্য, বিশ্বাসযোগ্য, নির্ভরযোগ্য
"Authentic" Meaning in Hindi: प्रामाणिक, विश्वसनीय, प्राधिकृत
Word Type: Adjective / বিশেষণ / विशेषण
Synonym of Authentic: Accepted , Certain , Original , Sure , Accredited , Current , Real , True , Authoritative , Genuine , Received , Trustworthy , Authorized , Legitimate , Reliable , Veritable
Antonym of Authentic: Apocryphal , Counterfeit , Exploded , False , Spurious , Baseless , Disputed , Fabulous , Fictitious , Unauthorized

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique.

Definition: 2

having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified: an authentic document of the Middle Ages; an authentic work of the old master.

Definition: 3

entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience; reliable; trustworthy: an authentic report on poverty in Africa.

Definition: 4

Law. executed with all due formalities: an authentic deed.

Definition: 5

Music. (of a church mode) having a range extending from the final to the octave above. Compare plagal. (of a cadence) consisting of a dominant harmony followed by a tonic.