Arouse Meaning in Bengali

English: Arouse
Arouse Meaning in Bengali: জাগানো, উদ্রেক করা, উত্তেজিত করা, জাগিয়ে তোলা, চাগিয়ে তোলা, সঞ্জীবিত বা সক্রিয় করে তোলা
"Arouse" Meaning in Hindi: जगाना, उत्तेजित करना, उकसाना
Word Type: Verb / ক্রিয়া / क्रिया
Synonym of Arouse:
Antonym of Arouse:

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Similar Words: arousedarousesaroused,sexually aroused,oversexed,excited,stimulated,titillated,inflamed,passionate,lecherous,lascivious,lustful,salacious,lewd,turned on,hot,hot to trot,hot and bothered,concupiscent

Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

to stir to action or strong response; excite: to arouse a crowd; to arouse suspicion.

Definition: 2

to stimulate sexually.

Definition: 3

to awaken; wake up: The footsteps aroused the dog.

Definition: 4

to awake or become aroused: At dawn the farmers began to arouse.

Definition: 5

(transitive) to evoke or elicit (a reaction, emotion, or response); stimulate