Amplification Meaning in Bengali

English: Amplification
Amplification Meaning in Bengali: বিকাস, বাড়, বিকাশন, বিকাসন, উন্নতি, বাড়তি, বিস্তার, প্রসার, প্রসারণ, বিকাশ, প্রস্তুতি, তৈয়ার, অত্যুক্তি, বৃদ্ধি, অতিশয়োক্তি
"Amplification" Meaning in Hindi: प्रवर्धन, परिवर्धन, विस्तरण
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Amplification:
Antonym of Amplification:

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Definition: 1

the act of amplifying or the state of being amplified.

Definition: 2

expansion of a statement, narrative, etc., as for rhetorical purposes: In the revision, the story underwent considerable amplification.

Definition: 3

a statement, narrative, etc., so expanded: The text of the second edition was an amplification.

Definition: 4

the matter or substance used to expand an idea, statement, or the like: He added an extra paragraph to his speech as an amplification.

Definition: 5

Electricity. increase in the strength of current, voltage, or power.