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English: Addax
Addax Meaning in Bengali: উত্তর আফ্রিকার বাঁকা শিংওয়ালা বৃহত্ কৃষ্ণসার হরিণ
"Addax" Meaning in Hindi: अद्दक्ष, उत्तरी अफ्रीका तथा अरब का मुड़े हुए सींग वाला बारहसिंगा
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
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Definition: 1

a large, pale-colored antelope, Addax nasomaculatus, of North Africa, with loosely spiraled horns.

Definition: 2

a large light-coloured antelope, Addax nasomaculatus, having ribbed loosely spiralled horns and inhabiting desert regions in N Africa: family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla