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Abalone Meaning in Bengali: ঝিনুক, শুক্তি, এবালন
Abalone Meaning in Hindi: मोती का सीप, कर्णसीपी, कनसीपी
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Abalone:
Antonym of Abalone:

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Abalone Definition

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Definition: 1

a large mollusk of the genus Haliotis, having a bowllike shell bearing a row of respiratory holes, the flesh of which is used for food and the shell for ornament and as a source of mother-of-pearl.

Definition: 2

any of various edible marine gastropod molluscs of the genus Haliotis, having an ear-shaped shell that is perforated with a row of respiratory holes. The shells are used for ornament or decoration Also called ear shell See also ormer