Bayard Meaning in Bengali

English: Bayard
Bayard Meaning in Bengali:
"Bayard" Meaning in Hindi: अति द्रुतगामी घोड़ा, वीर, सूरमा
Word Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात
Synonym of Bayard:
Antonym of Bayard:

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Definition: 1

a magical legendary horse in medieval chivalric romances.

Definition: 2

a mock-heroic name for any horse.

Definition: 3

(lowercase) Archaic. a bay horse.

Definition: 4

Pierre Terrail [pyer te-ra-yuh] /pyɛr tɛˈra yə/ (Show IPA), Seigneur de [se-nyœr duh] /sɛˈnyœr də/ (Show IPA), ("the knight without fear and without reproach") 1473–1524, heroic French soldier.

Definition: 5

any man of heroic courage and unstained honor.