Most useful Preposition list in English Language

Most useful Preposition list in the English Language. A preposition is a word that is usually used before a noun or anything equivalent to a noun to indicate the connection of the noun with another noun or with a verb or adjective in the sentence. Today here we show you only a single-word preposition list.

Preposition list of English Grammar

Most useful Preposition list in English LanguageMost useful Preposition list in English Language

Aboard About Above Acrosse
After Against Along Alongside
Amid Amidst Among Amongst
Around As Astride At
Bar Barring Before Behind
Below Beneath Beside Besides
Between Beyond But BY
Concerning Considering Despite Down
During Excepting Excluding For
From In Including Inside
Into Like Minus Near
Notwithstanding On Of Off
Opposite Outside Over Past
Pending Per Plus Regarding
Round Save Since Than
Through Throughout Till To
Toward Under Underneath Unlike
Until Up Upon Via
With Within Without Worth

Some example:
1. The boy sat beside Nabila. (Before Noun)
2. She talked with him. (Before Pronoun)
3. There were in the Classroom. (before Noun phrase)
4. Usha is good at sports. (Before Gerund)
5. Listen to what I say. (Before Noun Clause)
6. She gave me a cup of tea.
7. She commented on my dress.
8. Mother is in the kitchen.
9. The girl sat on the mat.
10. They fell in love with each other.

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