Most Useful Idioms and Phrase lesson one

We use a lot of Idioms and Phrases in conversation, reading, and writing. So we need to learn some useful Idioms and phrases with Bengali meanings that we use frequently. Below we will write them with Bengali meanings and use them in a full sentence. Serially we will publish all the words. Today is the first lesson.

Some useful Idioms and Phrase with their Bengali meaning and complete sentence

Definition of Idioms: An Idiom is a group of words whose meaning is different from the meanings of the individual words in it.
Definition of Phrase: A Phrase is a group of words, especially one that forms part of a sentence.
Most Useful Idioms and Phrase lesson one
List of Idioms and Phrases by start A alphabet:
ABC -He does not even know the ABC of English.
All in all – He is all in all in the office.
After all – He is after all a poet.
At home – He is at home in English.
At the eleventh hour – Usha came here at the eleventh hour.
All the same – It is all the same to me whether you come or not.
–He did the work according to my instruction.
Apple of discord – This plot of land was the apple of discord between the two brothers.
As soon as –We shall come as soon as possible to the meeting.
At a stretch – I can walk ten miles at a stretch.
At times – At times she feels bored.
At last/ At length – Bangladesh team became victorious at last.
Ashamed of – He was ashamed of his deeds.
At the same rate – The population increases but the land property does not increase at the same rate.
As though/ As if– He speaks as if he were mad.
As a matter of fact– As a matter of fact, he is not honest.
A sign of – Kindness is a sign of honesty.
A number of – A number of boys were present there.
A great deal of –Rahim earns a great deal of money from his business.
A lot of/Lots of/ A plenty of -A lot of/Lots of/ A plenty of crops grow in our country.
As a rule – Mousumi visits our college twice a week as a rule.
Above all – Sheuly is, above all, a philanthropist.
At the roof of –Bency was at the roof of my ruin
At the same time- He can sing and dance at the same time.
At all- He said nothing at all.
All and sundry- The teacher loves students all and sundry.

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