List of most useful combine word Preposition

In the English language few more words are use as a preposition. We have to make a list of most useful combine word preposition which is use as a preposition in the sentence in different meaning. Commonly “of, to and in” most used preposition. But those three preposition are not use as a single word also use to combine.

List of most useful combine word Preposition

According to Due to Owing to
Ahead of In favour/favor of Prior to
Along with In front of Thanks to
Apart from In lieu of Together with
Away from In spite of Up to
As to Instead of Up until
Because of On account of
By means of Opposite to

1. He could not come here owing to illness.
2. There is a garden in front of his house.
3. He acted according to my advice.
4. Usha could not come here because of illness.
5. She prospered in life by means if hard work.
6. In spite of his riches, he is very unhappy.
7. The flight was delayed owing to fog.
8. He was away form home.
9. You can get it in lieu of payment.
10. He took tea instead of coffee.

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