Important Idioms & Phrases start by “A”

There are lot Idioms & Phrases in the English languages which we use every moment. Here we will provide you some important and most useful Idioms & Phrases which is started by the alphabet “A”. You can find this Idioms & Phrases with Bangla meaning and example.
A bed of roses (comfortable)
A bird;s eye view (এক নজর দেখা, a cursory glance)
A bull Market (তেজী বাজার, that share prices are rising)
A castle in the air (অবান্তর কপ্লনা) — (11th BCS written)
A dark horse (রহস্যময় ব্যক্তি, A man who does not talk much but surprises others by his qualities, an unknown person)
A fall guy (scapegoat, বলির পাঁঠা)

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