English Writing course part 2

This is the second part of English writing course. It will help to them who wants to English writing easily. Today we will show you, how to use a word in a sentence with different meaning. Abash, Abate and Abdicate those three words use in sentence with their synonym and antonym.

English Writing course part 1


To be abashed is to feel embarrassed & ashamed.
It seems Mr. Bush was abashed by the China president.
English Writing course part 2
Example: (1) Moushoomee felt abashed by her inability to remember the lines of the national anthem () of “Aamar – Sonaar – Banglaa…”
English Writing course part 2
(2) The constant attention of the young man abashed (= confused) her.
English Writing course part 2
To do something without shame is to do it unabashedly.
Example: kolin handed in a term paper that he had unabashedly copied from the National Enquirer.
English Writing course part 2
Synonyms of Abash: Disconcert ( কেউকে অপ্রস্তুত / বিব্রত করা), Embarrass (), Discomfit (), Discompose (বিব্রত হওয়া/করা),
Antonyms of Abash: Inspire (অনুপ্রাণিত/ উদ্দীপিত করা), Encourage Hearten (উৎসাহ/ সাহস দেওয়া ).


When something abates, it become much lees strong or widespread () or become less in amount or intensity.
(1) George spilled  a pot of hot coffee on his leg .It hurt quite a bit. Then, gradually, the agony abated.
(2) Bad weather abates when good weather begins to return. A rainstorm  that does not let up  continues unabated.
(3) The storms had abated by the time they rounded Cape Horn.
English Writing course part 2Example: Businesses are given tax abatement’s in return for building factories in places where there is a particular need for jobs.
Synonyms of Abate: Subside (কমে যাওয়া), Relieve, Lessen, Decline, Diminish, Ameliorate (অবস্থার উন্নতি হওয়া), Reduce, Allay, Decrease, Bewilder , daunt , embarrass , mortify , chagrin , discompose , humble , overawe , confound , disconcert , humiliate , shame, confuse , dishearten.
Antonyms of Abate: Intensify; Make worse, Amplify, Prolong, Boost, Aggravate, Exasperate.


To abdicate is to step down from a position of power or responsibility.
Example: When King Edward VIII of England decided he would rather be married to Wallis War-field Simpson, an American divorcee, then be king of England, he turned in his crown and abdicated.
English Writing course part 2Even people who aren’t monarchies can abdicate duties & responsibility.
English Writing course part 2
Example: Mary abdicated her responsibility as a baby-sitter by locking the five-year-old in a closet  & flying to the Bahama Islam.
English Writing course part 2
Many parents abdicate responsibility for teaching children about spirituality. Cede means to give over, surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another while a seed is a small hard fruit or a mature fertilized plant.
Synonyms of abdicate: Shirk, relinquish, abandon, disclaim, disavow, Decline , ebb , mitigate , reduce , decrease , lessen , moderate , subside. diminish , lower.
Antonyms of abdicate: Seize, hold, usurp, Aggravate , enhance , foment , rage , amplify , enlarge , increase , raise , continue , extend , magnify , revive. develop

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