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Dear visitor, welcome to our English to Bengali online dictionry 24. Here we have updated more than 200,000 English words. All words have Bengali mening and Hindi meaning. Accordting to Parts of Speech. Which type of word. As well as the Synonym and Antonym of the word. So, you will the right meaning in Bengali of the following word. Also we have updated Bangla Accademy Dictionry word meaning as image. So, hope that you will get the right information and learn lot from this English to Bengali online dictionary. Thank you and enjoy yourself.

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Lol Badass
Sexy Creatinine
Vibes Valobasha
Nerd Kemon acho bondhu
Marshmallow Magpie robin
Tofu Edamame
Never give up Voda
Admin Valo
Internship LLB