Meaning of Whose

English: Whose
Bangla: কাহার, কাহাদিগকে, যাহার
Hindi: जिसका, जिस किसी का
Type: Pronoun / সর্বনাম / सर्वनाम

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

(the possessive case of who used as an adjective): Whose umbrella did I take? Whose is this one?

Definition: 2

(the possessive case of which used as an adjective): a word whose meaning escapes me; an animal whose fur changes color.

Definition: 3

the one or ones belonging to what person or persons: Whose painting won the third prize?

Definition: 4

what person or persons?: Who did it?

Definition: 5

(of a person) of what character, origin, position, importance, etc.: Who does she think she is?