Meaning of Wedded

English: Wedded
Bangla: পরিণীত, বিবাহবন্ধনে আবদ্ধ, উদ্বাহিত, ঊঢ়, ঐকান্তিকভাবে নিরত, ঘনিষ্ঠভাবে মিলিত
Hindi: शादी-शुदा, ब्याह, परिणीत, संबंधित
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

united in matrimony; married: the wedded couple; a wedded woman.

Definition: 2

of or relating to marriage or to those married: the wedded state; wedded happiness.

Definition: 3

attached or dedicated, especially obstinately or unshakably: a fearless person wedded to a just cause.

Definition: 4

associated or bound together inseparably: form and substance wedded in harmony.

Definition: 5

to marry (another person) in a formal ceremony.