Meaning of We

English: We
Bangla: আমরা
Hindi: हम, हम लोग
Type: Pronoun / সর্বনাম / सर्वनाम

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

nominative plural of I.

Definition: 2

(used to denote oneself and another or others): We have two children. In this block we all own our own houses.

Definition: 3

(used to denote people in general): the marvels of science that we take for granted.

Definition: 4

(used to indicate a particular profession, nationality, political party, etc., that includes the speaker or writer): We in the medical profession have moral responsibilities.

Definition: 5

Also called the royal we. (used by a sovereign, or by other high officials and dignitaries, in place of I in formal speech): We do not wear this crown without humility.