Meaning of Warranty

English: Warranty
Bangla: পাটা, নির্ভরপত্র, সরকারি অনুমতি
Hindi: गारंटी, वजह, कारण, आधार, बुनियाद, ज़मानत
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Bangla Academy Dictionary:

Definition: 1

an act or an instance of warranting; assurance; authorization; warrant.

Definition: 2

Law. a stipulation, explicit or implied, in assurance of some particular in connection with a contract, as of sale: an express warranty of the quality of goods. Also called covenant of warranty. a covenant in a deed to land by which the party conveying assures the grantee that he or she will enjoy the premises free from interference by any person claiming under a superior title. Compare quitclaim deed, warranty deed. (in the law of insurance) a statement or promise, made by the party insured, and included as an essential part of the contract, falsity or nonfulfillment of which renders the policy void. a judicial document, as a warrant or writ.

Definition: 3

a written guarantee given to the purchaser of a new appliance, automobile, or other item by the manufacturer or dealer, usually specifying that the manufacturer will make any repairs or replace defective parts free of charge for a stated period of time.

Definition: 4

to provide a manufacturer's or dealer's warranty for: The automaker warranties its new cars against exterior rust.

Definition: 5

(property law) a covenant, express or implied, by which the vendor of real property vouches for the security of the title conveyed