Meaning of Wallpaper

English: Wallpaper
Hindi: भित्ति पत्रण
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

paper, usually with printed decorative patterns in color, for pasting on and covering the walls or ceilings of rooms, hallways, etc.

Definition: 2

any fabric, foil, vinyl material, etc., used as a wall or ceiling covering.

Definition: 3

Computers. a design or picture in the background of the primary display screen of a graphical user interface: Personalize your tablet by changing the wallpaper.

Definition: 4

to put wallpaper on (a wall, ceiling, etc.) or to furnish (a room, house, etc.) with wallpaper.

Definition: 5

paper usually printed or embossed with designs for pasting onto walls and ceilings