Meaning of Wallabies

English: Wallabies
Hindi: आस्ट्रेलियन
Type: Noun / বিশেষ্য / संज्ञा

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Definition: 1

any of various small and medium-sized kangaroos of the genera Macropus, Thylogale, Petrogale, etc., some of which are no larger than rabbits: several species are endangered.

Definition: 2

any of various herbivorous marsupials of the genera Lagorchestes (hare wallabies), Petrogale (rock wallabies), Protemnodon, etc, of Australia and New Guinea, similar to but smaller than kangaroos: family Macropodidae

Definition: 3

(Austral, slang) on the wallaby, on the wallaby track, (of a person) wandering about looking for work

Definition: 4

a member of the international Rugby Union football team of Australia