Meaning of Vicars

English: Vicars
Bangla: ভিকার, প্রতিনিধি, বদলি, বিশপের প্রতিনিধি
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

Church of England. a person acting as priest of a parish in place of the rector, or as representative of a religious community to which tithes belong. the priest of a parish the tithes of which are impropriated and who receives only the smaller tithes or a salary.

Definition: 2

Protestant Episcopal Church. a member of the clergy whose sole or chief charge is a chapel dependent on the church of a parish. a bishop's assistant in charge of a church or mission.

Definition: 3

Roman Catholic Church. an ecclesiastic representing the pope or a bishop.

Definition: 4

a person who acts in place of another; substitute.

Definition: 5

a person who is authorized to perform the functions of another; deputy: God's vicar on earth.