Meaning of Via

English: Via
Bangla: সাহায্যে, পথ দিয়া, হইয়া
Hindi: के माध्यम से, के द्वारा, से, पर, में से, पर से, के रास्ते, के ज़रिये, के माध्यम द्वारा
Type: Preposition / অব্যয় / पूर्वसर्ग

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Definition: 1

by a route that touches or passes through; by way of: to fly to Japan via the North Pole.

Definition: 2

by the agency or instrumentality of: a solution via an inquiry.

Definition: 3

Architecture. a space between two mutules.

Definition: 4

by way of; by means of; through: to London via Paris