Meaning of Uncovered

English: Uncovered
Bangla: অনাচ্ছাদিত, উন্মুক্ত, অসংবৃত, উদলা, ফর্দা, অনাবৃত, আঢাকা, নিরাবরণ, অচ্ছদ, অপাবৃত, উদ্ঘাটিত, আগলা, আলগা, আদুড়, উন্মোচিত
Hindi: बिना बीमे का, अपूरित
Type: Unknown / অজানা / अज्ञात

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Definition: 1

having no cover or covering.

Definition: 2

having the head bare.

Definition: 3

not protected by collateral or other security, as a loan.

Definition: 4

not protected by insurance: Workers want their uncovered spouses to join the health plan.

Definition: 5

to lay bare; disclose; reveal.